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Best Dutch Quality bikes in town

Most of the Dutch are virtually born on bicycles, they grow up with bikes. That includes our staff members, who would be delighted to tell you more about our rental bikes and the best cycling routes in Amsterdam. Will you opt for a tandem, or will you steal the show on an exclusive bamboo bike?

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Rental bicycles at Amsterdam Bike Rent

What kind of cyclist are you? Do you enjoy cruising through the city at your leisure, or do you shoot from point a to b in no time? Choose the bicycle that suits you. In any event, all our bikes are reputable brands and they are kept in top condition by our cycling enthusiasts.

The following range of bicycles is at your disposal:

  • Excellent luxury bike: with 7 gears
  • Hit the road with the whole family Dutch style: bicycles with child seats at the front and back
  • Romantic road trip: on a tandem
  • Plenty of fun for the little ones: child tandem
  • Need a little help? Go for an electric bike (e-bike)
  • Our eye-catchers: unique bicycles made of bamboo
  • For the kids: children's bikes